Avşar Emaye

Avşar Emaye is the leading name of enameled cookware production sector in Turkey and one of the largest enameled cookware manufacturer in the Europe since 1982. Avşar Emaye has always pursued the latest and leading trends in cookware manufacturing industry since its establishment.

Avşar Emaye isspecialized at the R&D, manufacturing and selling of low, mid and high grade enamel coated Steel and Aluminum cookwares, including all kinds of forged, pressed, ceramic, non-stick and enamel cookwares. We always follow and use all the latest technology in our production line to offer the best, the most ergonomic and healthy products to our buyers and end users. We have very flexible production line and we produce the goods according to customer instructions. You give us technical details about products you need and we can shape your ideas. Avşar Emaye is a dynamic and active company who always prefers novelty and always has good relationship with its customers and technical groups all over the world for both marketing and technological relations by willing to contact you in producing and selling products and to create big projects with a good partnership.


We have wide selection of enameled cookware and also non-stick, ceramic and granite coated aluminum products. Products can be tailored to customer needs, therefore budget series and also high end products with attractive decors are available. Enameled Products: Shallow Casseroles, Deep Casseroles, Frypans, Saucepans, Kettles, Coffee Pots, Milk Pots, Mugs, Deep Fryers, Food Containers, Oven Trays, Market Displayed Eco Serie Products. Aluminum Products: Casseroles, Rice Pots, Sauce Pans, Frypans, Oven Trays

Core Advantages

35 Years of Production and Export Experience, High Capacity, Flexible and Customized Production, Own Design and Tooling Department in the Factory.