Irak Plastik

Irak Plastic Inc has 52 years of knowledge and experience in the plastics industry. Our company has 6 different product lines and 1255 different products. Our products are sold in 90 countries on 5 continents, these are used by millions of people every day. Our products does not contain any substances of hazardous to human health.


IRAK PLASTIC has 6 different product groups as below:

  • Kitchenwares
  • Cleaning products
  • Outdoor furnitures
  • Kids furnitures
  • Flower pots
  • Sun beds.

Airtight storage containers, Lunch boxes, Storage containers, Saucepans for microwave ovens, Crystal jars, Bowls ,Plates, Cups, Salad service sets, Breakfast sets, Picnic Sets, Salad spinners, Strainer Sets ,Lemon pressers, Trays and non-slip trays, Oil cups, Cutting boards, Funnels, Pitchers & Mixer pitchers, Ice cube trays, Egg holders, Rattan baskets, Bread boxes, Dish racks, Cutlery holders, Drawers, Bag holders, Picnic baskets, Portable shelves, Rattan storage cabinets, Mop sets, Buckets, Toilet seats, Brush wc, Broom sets, Bathroom sets, Basins, Laundry baskets, Trash bins, Flower pots, Stools & foldable stools.

Core Advantages

Major advantages of IRAK PLASTIC products are 1255 different types, high quality, fast delivery and competitive prices.