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  • Akay Plastic

    Akay Plastic

    Founded in 1974 in Istanbul, Akay Plastic is one of the major producers of plastic kitchenware, baby items as well as household and cleaning products. Our factory has a 30,000 indoor area and is located in the Istanbul region, along with our manufacturing plant and warehouses.

  • Akcam Cam

    Akcam Cam

    AKCAM is one of the first and biggest handmade glass manufacturer and exporting company in Turkey. The factory is based on 12.500m2 area in Istanbul with more than 250 staff, established in 1946.

  • Akyıldız - Aky Kitchen

    Akyıldız - Aky Kitchen

    AKYILDIZ Kitchenware has been operating in aliminium cookware sector since 2002. Over the years, it has continuously improved its quality by introducing new machines, and it is now able to guarantee both the quality of the products and the competitiveness of the price in the sector. The company now dominates the sector, as it exports to more than 40 countries.

  • Bursev Plastic

    Bursev Plastic

    Bursev Plastic is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of plastic houseware and kitchenware, based in Istanbul since 1988. In 2012, Bursev Plastik incorporated the brand “Follow Me”.

  • DEPA Kitchenware

    DEPA Kitchenware

    DEPA Kitchenware is the leading manufacturer of acrylic kitchenware items in Turkey with a wide assortment, such as thermoses, storage boxes, serving ware items, cups, bowls, carafes, bread baskets, table tops, bath ware items, etc.

  • Doğrular Ev Ürünleri

    Doğrular Ev Ürünleri

    Dogrular A.S. which first started its Industrial affairs in 1988 and in a short time completed installation and started production at the Konya-Meram establihsments.

  • Ege Home Products

    Ege Home Products

    EGE has been established in 1996 in a manufacturing area of 24.000 sqm, very close to İzmir Airport and main port of İzmir, Alsancak Port.

  • Elifplas Plastic

    Elifplas Plastic

    To accomplish our mission to provide beautiful design plastic products to as many people as possible, it is essential for Elifplas Plastic to be involved in protecting the environment.

  • Evelin


    EVELIN, has over 35 years’ experience in its chosen field of kitchen utensils industry, always cares about performing social responsibility of being active in this country and makes contribution development of plastics industry with providing excellent services to its customers.

  • Gondol Plastic

    Gondol Plastic

    Throughout the ages, Anatolia has inspired innovations that have changed the world and that history continues to inspire the philosophy of Gondol Plastic, Turkey’s leading manufacturer of household plastic goods

  • Irak Plastik

    Irak Plastik

    Irak Plastic Inc has 52 years of knowledge and experience in the plastics industry. Our company has 6 different product lines and 1255 different products. Our products are sold in 90 countries on 5 continents, these are used by millions of people every day. Our products does not contain any substances of hazardous to human health.

  • Kırteks Metal

    Kırteks Metal

    We manufacture aluminum die casting stainless steel pots and pans, non-stick granite ceramic and stainless-steel pressure cookers and teapot sets. We have an internal quality control system in our factory as well as a quality checking room.

  • Luks Plastic

    Luks Plastic

    Lux Plastic is one of the biggest plastic houseware and kitchenware manufacturers in Turkey, exporting its high-quality products to more than 98 countries. Its factory sits on an area of area of 25,000 square metres equipped with high-tech machinery using first class raw materials.

  • Mercanlar – Renga

    Mercanlar – Renga

    MERCANLARSince the establishment in 1976, MERCANLAR is leading the industry with following up the innovations. MERCANLAR is one of the pioneer companies in TURKEY on kitchenware industry and has a strong distribution network spread over 70 countries.

  • Omak Makine

    Omak Makine

    Our company was founded in 1970 and is a family company, run by the second generation. We supply our products, manufactured in our manufacturing facilities located in Ankara / Turkey to the market chains and DIY stores.

  • OMS Collection

    OMS Collection

    OMS was founded in 1976 to produce long-lasting kitchen appliances out of stainless steel. Since its inception, continuous growth has been its principle. As a result, the company’s products, which are produced at a manufacturing site in Istanbul, began to be exported throughout the world, and OMS products are currently exported to 68 countries.

  • Sunplast Plastic

    Sunplast Plastic

    Three highly experienced companies which had been operating in the plastic industry since the 1960s, decided to merge and enter into the plastic houseware and kitchenware industry as an importer in 2003. In 2007, this joint venture started manufacturing under the roof of Sun Plastik.

  • Titiz Plastic

    Titiz Plastic

    Established in 1984, Titiz Plastik is a well-established company whose experience dates back to the 1970s. The company is growing with wide range of products every year. Titiz Plastik company is manufacturing plastic and glassware houseware products since 1984.

  • Uğurlar Plastic

    Uğurlar Plastic

    When Ugurlar Plastik was established in the 1974, its main aim was to produce recycled P.P. plastics. However in the years that followed, we have expanded our production range and started to manufacture buckets, dustbins and, especially, various cleaning products, along with the raw plastic materials which we produce. .

  • Urve Plastic

    Urve Plastic

    Urve Plastik Quality in 50 Countries. As Urve Plastik, We have been delighted of exporting plastic bathroom utensils, kitchenwares and cleaning products to the 50 countries from all over the world for almost 28 years.