Istanbul / Turkey - November 20-23, 2019

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Turkish Houseware by Invitation Only is a concept developed by EVSID (Turkish Houseware Manufacturers Association). A one-stop single-sector B2B event aimed at bringing together leading Turkish manufacturers with retail chains and importers/wholesalers from all around the world for pre-scheduled B2B meetings. A combination of table top show and one-on-one meetings that provides a unique opportunity to explore the Turkish houseware sector.

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  • 3d Dekoratif Eşya

    3d Dekoratif Eşya

    3D Glassware is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of fused glassware, based in Istanbul since 1998. 3D Glassware provides both clear and colored versions of an extensive range of functional and decorative items. The collection offers extraordinary designs with a wide selection of shapes, sizes and textures. 3D products are also the perfect choice for gifts and excellent accessories for homes.

  • Akay Plastic

    Akay Plastic

    Founded in 1974 in Istanbul, Akay Plastic is one of the major producers of plastic kitchenware, baby items as well as household and cleaning products. Our factory has a 30,000 indoor area and is located in the Istanbul region, along with our manufacturing plant and warehouses.

  • Akcam Cam Plastik

    Akcam Cam Plastik

    AKCAM is one of the first and biggest handmade glass manufacturer and exporting company in Turkey. The factory is based on 12.500m2 area in Istanbul with more than 250 staff, established in 1946.

  • Akyıldız - Aky Kitchen

    Akyıldız - Aky Kitchen

    AKYILDIZ Kitchenware has been operating in aliminium cookware sector since 2002. Over the years, it has continuously improved its quality by introducing new machines, and it is now able to guarantee both the quality of the products and the competitiveness of the price in the sector. The company now dominates the sector, as it exports to more than 40 countries.

  • Al-Co / Papilla

    Al-Co / Papilla

    AL-CO ALUMINYUM is one of the biggest aluminium cookware manufacturers in Turkey, sister company Trakya Sanayi AS is a pure aluminium discs manufacturer in Turkey.

  • Albayrak Melamin

    Albayrak Melamin

    Albayrak Melamine has been in the kitchenware sector for more than 30 years. We serve with original designs, quality and we have a wide range of products. We have over 400 molds and over 150 designs of our own.

  • Alkan Plastic

    Alkan Plastic


    Alkan manufactures plastic home and kitchenware products

  • Ardacam Sanayi

    Ardacam Sanayi

    ArdaCam is one of the major handmade glass manufacturers and decorators in Europe. We expert on providing a new sense of style to home and tabletop design by traditional and artisan techniques applied on glass objects. For more than 29 years, our company exported its products around 55 countries throughout the world from Turkey.

  • Arnica / Senur

    Arnica / Senur

    Arnica manufactures small electrical appliances and open to OEM projects.

  • Avşar Emaye

    Avşar Emaye

    Avşar Emaye is the leading name of enameled cookware production sector in Turkey and one of the largest enameled cookware manufacturer in the Europe since 1982. Avşar Emaye has always pursued the latest and leading trends in cookware manufacturing industry since its establishment.

  • Bambum


    ‘’Bambum’’ is a bamboo Company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our headquarters, factory and warehouse are in İstanbul. We design and produce bamboo kitchen equipments. With 2000 + products, we have the widest product range in the World.

  • Bursev Plastic

    Bursev Plastic

    Bursev Plastic is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of plastic houseware and kitchenware, based in Istanbul since 1988. In 2012, Bursev Plastik incorporated the brand “Follow Me”.

  • Cozzoni  Plastik

    Cozzoni Plastik

    Satisfying the expectations of its customers and consumers through the housewares which it designs and produces considering such factors as ease of use within requested time and quality, competitive price and high protection, COZZONI has been continuously developing its

  • DEPA Kitchenware

    DEPA Kitchenware

    DEPA Kitchenware is the leading manufacturer of acrylic kitchenware items in Turkey with a wide assortment, such as thermoses, storage boxes, serving ware items, cups, bowls, carafes, bread baskets, table tops, bath ware items, etc.

  • Doğrular Ev Ürünleri

    Doğrular Ev Ürünleri

    Dogrular A.S. which first started its Industrial affairs in 1988 and in a short time completed installation and started production at the Konya-Meram establihsments.

  • Efe Cam

    Efe Cam

    EFE GLASS located in Istanbul is a leading Glass Manufacturer was established in 1991 by well-experienced partners Our production capacity is 22 tons per day by semi-automatic production with mouth-blown,press and centrifugal facilities.

  • Elifplas Plastic

    Elifplas Plastic

    To accomplish our mission to provide beautiful design plastic products to as many people as possible, it is essential for Elifplas Plastic to be involved in protecting the environment.

  • Enart Emaye

    Enart Emaye

    After 39 years of experience in enamel production, Enart Enamel Ltd. was founded at the beginning of 2010 in Kayseri, Turkey, with a new quality policy and additional investments.

  • Erkoç Plastik

    Erkoç Plastik

    Erkoc Plastic was founded in İstanbul in 1993 in order to produce plastic housewares and molds.

  • Evelin


    EVELIN has over 35 years of experience in production of plastic kitchen products and utensils. Evelin’s products are wood looking and bacteria-free and have features such as flexibility and heat endurance between -20 and +85 centigrade degree.

  • Galaxy – Aypaş

    Galaxy – Aypaş

    Has been manufacturing “GALAXY” branded wall clocks and “AYPAS” branded wall clock movement since 1985. We are manufacturing our products in 18.000 m²-closed area, starting from design, molding, assembly to finishing.

  • Gondol Plastic

    Gondol Plastic

    Throughout the ages, Anatolia has inspired innovations that have changed the world and that history continues to inspire the philosophy of Gondol Plastic, Turkey’s leading manufacturer of household plastic goods

  • Görgel Metal

    Görgel Metal

    Gorgel offers all stainless steel; cookware sets, stockpots, Pressure cookers, fry pans, casseroles, coffee and tea pot sets etc...

  • Gül Plastik

    Gül Plastik

    Established by Bekir KÜÇÜK in a small workshop located in Istanbul Vefa district in 1985 as a private company, then incorporating in 2005, Gül Plastik İthalat İhracat Ltd. Şti. continues its operations with its own facility established in Başakşehir Kayabaşı Subdistrict.

  • Hak - Fatih Plastic

    Hak - Fatih Plastic

    Fatih Plastic company started to its activities in the plastic sector by the year of 1975. Fatih Plastic implement its activities with advanced technology on the side of 5.000 m² which of its 12.000 m² as production area and 3.000 m² as administration building, on the road of Adana- Mersin.

  • Hascevher Metal

    Hascevher Metal

    Hascevher Metal was established in 1993 in the small industrial area of Kahramanmaras with 100% local capital and now it is Turkey's biggest manufacturer of stainless-steel kitchen cookware. Hascevher Metal exports to 87 countries in 5 continents. The company sells to all 81 cities of Turkey and has made its name in the big supermarkets by being able to produce 50,000 stainless steel pieces of cookware and 20,000 pieces of non-stick-aluminium cookware per day.

  • Irak Plastik

    Irak Plastik

    Irak Plastic Inc has 52 years of knowledge and experience in the plastics industry. Our company has 6 different product lines and 1255 different products. Our products are sold in 90 countries on 5 continents, these are used by millions of people every day. Our products does not contain any substances of hazardous to human health.

  • Kastamonu Plastik

    Kastamonu Plastik

    Kastamonu Plastik is an important plastic houseware manufacturer and exporting company in Turkey. Kastamonu Plastik is a designer and manufacturer of different high quality products since 1980.

  • Keramika


    Keramika was established by Unsa Madencilik A.S. in 2006, which is located in Kutahya, and started to produce ceramic tableware at the beginning of 2007. Keramika is now one of the biggest ceramic tableware producers in Turkey. Keramika can produce 5,000,000 pieces per month with its own specialized technology, its well-equipped 60,000 square metre production plant and its 900 well-trained staff members.

  • Kontensan


    Rich variety of tin cans with high quality and competitive prices

  • Korkmaz


    KORKMAZ is the leader in importing /distributing /marketing cooking utensils, kitchen accessories, small electrical appliances and tableware products. Our modern and orderly warehouses are located in Istanbul, Gebze and Kandıra with total cover area of 60.000 m.

  • Kutahya Porselen

    Kutahya Porselen

    With 120 million pieces of annual production capacity of porcelain tableware in 5 factories, Kütahya Porselen is the largest manufacturer worldwide. His products for home use, hotel use, giftware reach to consumers under Kutahya Porselen, Naturaceram and Mitterteich brand names through his showrooms.

  • Kırteks Metal

    Kırteks Metal

    We manufacture aluminum die casting stainless steel pots and pans, non-stick granite ceramic and stainless-steel pressure cookers and teapot sets. We have an internal quality control system in our factory as well as a quality checking room.

  • Lava Metal

    Lava Metal

    Inspired by the word ‘flame’, the LAVA company was established in 2010 and has over 40 years of experience in iron casting.

  • Luks Plastik

    Luks Plastik

    Lux Plastic is one of the biggest plastic houseware and kitchenware manufacturers in Turkey, exporting its high-quality products to more than 98 countries. Its factory sits on an area of area of 25,000 square metres equipped with high-tech machinery using first class raw materials.

  • Mehtap Mutfak

    Mehtap Mutfak

    The Mehtap Cookware Company has been in the sector since the 1960s, and the company is now operating facilities equipped with the latest technologies in a 20,000 square metre closed area in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Mercanlar – Renga

    Mercanlar – Renga

    MERCANLARSince the establishment in 1976, MERCANLAR is leading the industry with following up the innovations. MERCANLAR is one of the pioneer companies in TURKEY on kitchenware industry and has a strong distribution network spread over 70 countries. RENGA products which eases the life, are used with great enthusiasm, safely all over the world

  • Meysa Plastic

    Meysa Plastic

    Meysa Plastik produce plastic tableware, kitchen & bathroom equipments

  • Milenyum Metal

    Milenyum Metal

    MILENYUM METAL was established in 2003 at Kayseri Free Zone in Turkey. We enlarged our total production area from 1.800 M2 to 5.000 M2 in 2011 and to 20.000 M2 in 2015. Our company has BSCI and SEDEX Factory and Social Audit and we also have a GS certificate for our ironing board models.

  • Moonstar


    Moonstar manufactures practical kitchenware items, storage boxes and also plastic cleaning products under Motek brand.

  • OMS Collection

    OMS Collection

    OMS was founded in 1976 to produce long-lasting kitchen appliances out of stainless steel. Since its inception, continuous growth has been its principle. As a result, the company’s products, which are produced at a manufacturing site in Istanbul, began to be exported throughout the world, and OMS products are currently exported to 68 countries.

  • Okyanus Mutfak

    Okyanus Mutfak

    Founded in 1972, the ‘OKYANUS’ Company has become a big and successful company in the forefront of change over the past 40 years. Taking into consideration the aim of continuous development and harmonization with international standards in all its activities, the OKYANUS is progressing step by step to capture the success it has achieved in the world.

  • Omak Makine

    Omak Makine

    Our company was founded in 1970 and is a family company, run by the second generation. We supply our products, manufactured in our manufacturing facilities located in Ankara / Turkey to the market chains and DIY stores.

  • Rooc


    More than 40 years, we have been serving to our customers in non-food consumer goods sector though our principals of high quality, reliable, on time supply chain management syste.

  • Sem Plastic

    Sem Plastic

    As one of the leading companies of the Turkey, SEM is growing each day with experience of more than 40 years. SEM Plastik has three facilities namely one production plant in İstanbul of 20.000 sqm closed area, another production plant in Malatya of 8.500 sqm closed area and 600 sqm sales and logistics office in İstanbul.

  • Solmazer - Herevin

    Solmazer - Herevin

    Solmazer,with its customer oriented business principle, is the best companion of kitchen experts both Turkey and in 80 countries all over the world. Solmazer creates innovative, ergonomic, practical and appealing solutions with a design approach based on experience.

  • Sunplast Plastic

    Sunplast Plastic

    Three highly experienced companies which had been operating in the plastic industry since the 1960s, decided to merge and enter into the plastic houseware and kitchenware industry as an importer in 2003. In 2007, this joint venture started manufacturing under the roof of Sun Plastik. Sun Plastik has become a leading manufacturer and exporter company in the industry in a very short time thanks to its innovative approach and its young and dynamic team.

  • Teknotel


    Teknotel offers metal organizers and accessories for both kitchen and bathroom

  • Termosan  Çelik

    Termosan Çelik

    Termosan Çelik is the first and only manufacturer of double wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask in Europe and Middle East, located in Şanlıurfa since 2013.

  • Titiz Plastik

    Titiz Plastik

    Established in 1984, Titiz Plastik is a well-established company whose experience dates back to the 1970s. The company is growing with wide range of products every year. Titiz Plastik company is manufacturing plastic and glassware houseware products since 1984. The local and export sales are continously growing with Turkish market and across the world over 90 countries.

  • Urve Plastic

    Urve Plastic

    Urve Plastik Quality in 50 Countries. As Urve Plastik, We have been delighted of exporting plastic bathroom utensils, kitchenwares and cleaning products to the 50 countries from all over the world for almost 28 years.

  • Uğurböcekleri Home

    Uğurböcekleri Home

    2001 yılında kurulan firmamız imalat ve lojistik sektörlerinde faaliyet göstermektedir. 5000 metrekare fabrikamızda ahşap işlemekte, ahşap-cam, ahşap-seramik, ahşap-metal uygulamaları yapmaktayız. Yüksek teknoloji içeren makinalarımız ve bünyemizdeki tasarım merkezimiz tarafından dizayn edilen ürünleri hayata geçirmekteyiz.

  • Uğurlar Plastic

    Uğurlar Plastic

    When Ugurlar Plastik was established in the 1974, its main aim was to produce recycled P.P. plastics. However in the years that followed, we have expanded our production range and started to manufacture buckets, dustbins and, especially, various cleaning products, along with the raw plastic materials which we produce. .

  • Çelik Ayna

    Çelik Ayna

    Company offers rich variety of bathroom accessories both in plastic and metal

  • Çetin Plastik

    Çetin Plastik

    Cetin Plastik started production and marketing in the  field of cleaning equipment in 1988 and it became one of the top-required brands in the market very shortly.

  • Öncü Group

    Öncü Group

    Öncü Grup established on 1965, is the leading producer and exporter of PVC Tablecloths, PVC Non-slip mats, PVC Flooring and Wallpapers in Istanbul, Turkey. Having 4 factories with a total area of 30.000 sqm area , Öncü Grup is proudly exporting its products to more than 65 countries worldwide.

  • Üçsan Plastik

    Üçsan Plastik

    Our firm has been producing plastic household and kitchenware articles and flower pots since it was established in 1973. Our firm, which is located in Silivri Istanbul and has a 13,000 square metre closed area, manufactures all its products with its own skilled staff on its own premises. ÜÇSAN Plastik has been working to satisfy its customers need by producing the best products at the cheapest cost in the shortest time.

  • Şenyayla Plastic

    Şenyayla Plastic

    Şenyayla Plastic
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