Dorcia Home Modax Accessories

Modax Plastic have been in plastic sector for 30+ years. Dorcia Home is the houseware & kitchenware brand of the company. Our company has high-tech machinery and uses quality raw materials. From the very first stage to the last stage, the products are produced in our factory. Starting from a technical drawings of the molds, ending with the ‘’product’’.

Besides plastic injection molding, the company has knowledge to process metal. We like synthesizing metal & plastic raw materials in our products by value-added solutions.

The most known discount chain markets in Turkey are the customers of our firm. We export our products to many countries such as Lebanon, Germany, Iraq. Many of the company’s products have been patented by Turkish Patent Institute.

Our management team consists of visionary engineers with technical backgrounds. We have a customer oriented approach in our production process. Empathy is the keyword of our firm. We put ourselves in the place of our customers and try to find innovative solutions to their requests.

As Dorcia Home, our vision is to bring a new breath to the sector. We want to take part not only in the kitchens of our customers, but in every area of their homes.

Core advantages

We are not just a plastic manufacturer, but also metal products/molds can be processed by our company. Also, we have many patented products. We can produce any of the customer-specific plastic & metal products you can think of.