Uğurböcekleri – Zembu

Founded in 2001, our company operates in manufacturing and logistics sectors. In our 5000 square meter factory, we process wood, wood-glass, wood-ceramic, wood-metal applications. We implement products designed by our high-tech machines and our design center. There are 44 machines and 53 staff in our factory. We prepare the natural panels that we use as raw materials from beech, pine, walnut and many trees ourselves. We do not sell these panels, we only use them for our own production. We produce 90% of our raw material needs other than timber.

As all of our products are designed in our original design center, the copyrights of all images, patterns and prints used in our products belong to our company. Having a very wide supply network, we can supply and process many authentic wood raw materials that you may want. Our factory; It has TR-06-K-055203 business registration number belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Our products have Food Contact Appropriate certificate obtained from accredited laboratories of Ministry of Agriculture. Our products have the label on the label.

Core advantages

Our core advantages include producing high-quality items with good functionality, which will help our users to be more practical. We also have a customer-oriented approach and we are flexible in production.We all use natural material and because of our social policy we are the member of national forest support suppliers.All products have a food contact certificate(IAS-IFA-DaKKs)ın Turkey and also accrediate to USA and German norms.

Our official capacity report in production reaches 90.000.000 units annually. If the companies we work with, we can make special designs for them, we can add technical drawings and visuals of the cuts that we use in these designs to the contract we will make and we can undertake that we will produce these products only for you.